The 1980s: Other Collaborations, Solo Singles & Covers

Peter Marsh worked with artists including Manfred Mann, Godley & Creme, Carlene Carter. His songs have been covered by musicians including Nick Lowe, Jimmy Ruffin and Hazzel Dean.

In addition to his collaboration with Vangelis, Peter Marsh worked as a session singer for various artists, notably Manfred Mann, singing on the album 'Chance' in 1981. The track 'Stranded in Iowa' is notable for opening with the Shipping Forecast from BBC Radio and featuring the morse code 'SOS' theme throughout

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Peter Marsh worked with Godley & Creme (10CC) who produced the solo Peter Marsh single 'You Say You Wanna Love Me' (1981) on Polydor Reords.

Listen now (YouTube version recorded from a rare copy of the vinyl single including crackles, scratches and all!):

As a songwriter, Peter Marsh started to attract other artists to cover his songs during the 1980s. 

Nick Lowe's 'Abominable Showman' (1983), which was produced by Roger Bechirian (who worked with Peter Marsh on Blanket of Secrecy), featured a reggae version of Peter Marsh song 'Cool Reaction' - Peter Marsh also featured on backing vocals.

Listen now (extended version of the Nick Lowe track):

...and there's also an acoustic version of the same song recorded by Peter Marsh and Andrew Howell:

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Peter Marsh (a.k.a. 'Tinker'), contributed to Carlene Carter's 1983 album 'C'est C Bon' alongside his fellow Blanket of Secrecy members, Tailor and Soldier (Andy Howell and Roger Bechirian). The track 'Third Time Charm' was co-written by Carlene Carter and the Blanket of Secrecy trio. Carlene Carter also covered Marsh and Howell's 'Cool Reaction' on the album.

Disco diva Hazell Dean covered Peter Marsh song 'Harmony'. The original Peter Marsh single was released in 1984. Hazell Dean's single came out the following year, in 1985.

Listen now (Hazell Dean performing at the WWF Club Germany):

Soul legend Jimmy Ruffin covered Peter Marsh song 'Easy To Say (I Love You)', which was produced by Phil Harding for PWL Records (latterly PWE or Pete Waterman Entertainment) and released on Polydor in 1987.

Listen now (extended club mix):
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