Easy Street / Nicol & Marsh (1970s)

1970s Acoustic Rock Band

Peter Marsh's first commercial musical success was achieved in the 1970s, in partnership with his then brother-in-law, Ken Nicol. They performed and recorded both Nicol & Marsh and as Easy Street, which also included Richard James Burgess.

Nicol & Marsh first signed to CBS in 1973 and Easy Street subsequently signed to Polydor in 1976.

Nicol & Marsh's Easy Street

Nicol & Marsh's Easy Street (Epic / CBS Records, 1974) featured Pete Zorn on bass and saxes and was produced by Paul Phillips. Peter Marsh wrote tracks including "My Quietness", "Poor and Lonely Ones" and "Day by Day". The album includes a cover version of "Peaceful Easy Feeling" (Jack Tempchin). Singles from the Nicol & Marsh's Easy Street album included "Midnight Cat" (1974), "I’ve Been Praying" (1974) and "Sinking Down" (1975). 

Nicol & Marsh's Easy Street: Tracklist

Midnight Cat – Ken Nicol, Pete Marsh
My Quietness – Pete Marsh
Have I Done The Right Thing – Ken Nicol
I Wish That I Could See You Now – Ken Nicol
Poor And Lonely Ones – Pete Marsh
Bernie's – Ken Nicol
I've Been Praying – Ken Nicol, Pete Marsh
Day By Day – Pete Marsh
Peaceful Easy Feeling – Jack Tempchin
Sinking Down – Ken Nicol
Roses And Rose – Ken Nicol


Easy Street by Easy Street

Richard James Burgess joined Easy Street to write the Easy Street by Easy Street album (Polydor, 1976), which was recorded at Sarm East Studios.

The album cover includes John Frieda, who appeared on the cover in a cameo guest appearance. A single from the album, "I've Been Lovin' You" (co-written written by Marsh with Richard James Burgess, Ken Nicol & Pete Zorn), entered the US Billboard Charts in July 1976. 

Easy Street by Easy Street: Tracklist

Feels Like Heaven
Lazy Dog Shandy
Things I've Done Before
Illogical Love
Shadows On The Wall
I've Been Lovin' You
Blame The Love 3:53
Part Of Me
Easy Street
Wait For Summer
What Have We Become


Under the Glass by Easy Street

Under the Glass by Easy Street (Polydor, 1977). In addition to Marsh, Richard James Burgess and Ken Nicol, the Under the Glass album also extensively featured Kevin Savigar, a long-time musical associate of Rod Stewart. Marsh co-wrote the single track "Flying" (1977), with Nicol. Five tracks ("How Can You Take it So Hard", "Rely On You", "What Does The World Know", "Strange Chance" and "The Night of the 11th") are credited to Nicol, Marsh & Burgess), while two tracks are credited to Marsh and Burgess: "Is This Real" (Marsh, Burgess) and "I See You" (Burgess, Marsh). 

Under The Glass: Tracklist

How Can You Take It So Hard
Rely On You
What Does The World Know
Is This Real
Look For The Sun
Only A Fool
Strange Change
I See You
Night Of The 11th


Nicol & Marsh

Nicol & Marsh (Polydor, 1978). The Easy Street name was dropped for the final album in partnership with Nicol, which was recorded in the Pasha Music House, Hollywood, California. Richard James Burgess was no longer involved, but many renowned Los Angeles session musicians were used on the album, including Bill Payne (Little Feat), Victor Feldman (Steely Dan) and Leland Sklar (James Taylor's bass player). Tracks credited solely to Marsh included "As The Years Roll 'Round" and "Anthem of the Time". "Holdin' On To You" and "Lady of Windermere" are credited to Nicol & Marsh with two tracks, both released as singles "Streets of the Angels" (1978) and "Hurt By Love" (1978) credited to Nicol, Marsh & Bishop. The album includes a cover version of "I'll Be Back" (Lennon–McCartney).

Nicol & Marsh: Tracklist

Streets Of The Angels
Holdin' On To You
Hurt By Love
Back Out Of Love Again
As The Years Roll 'Round
Save The Station
Lady Of Windermere
I'll Be Back (Lennon-McCartney)
For What Seems Crazy Now
Anthem Of The Time

Easy Street toured in Europe and the US and were the 1976 Runners-Up of the UK TV show New Faces. The collaboration between the two ended after the release of the final album when Peter Marsh began to move in a different musical direction.  



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